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March 20, 2011
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"Now zis...  IS ZE POWAH!!!!!!!" - Pack-A-Punch a Weapon
"Ah, o bathroom...  Not a very interesting place...  Unless your German...  LIKE ME!!" - Bathroom area (Does not know the activation)
"Zis van didn't photograph so vell..." - Blank Photo (use Square, hold down)
"Hello, Dempshey...  Ah, it's just a portrait...  AN UGLY ONE! - Dempsey Photo
"His eyes are following me...!" - Nikolai Photo
"Ah, it's a picture of ze monkey bomb..." - Takeo Photo
"Oh, look!  It's me...  But not quite as magnificent!" - Richtofen Photo
"NINE!  TOO CLOSE!" - Kill a Zombie at close range
"AHAHA!  A bunch of little pieces of bone fly from it's neck..." - Shoot a zombie in the neck
"BOOM, you have no more head...  Ahaha!" - Headshot a zombie and kill
"I take your pain...  I put my straw in it!  *slurping sounds* And I DRINK IT UP!!" - Kill a zombie
"Who's turning off zhe power everyvhar we go?  Unt now taking zhe color!  WHO IS DOING ZHIS!?" - Start of Game (Ascension)
"Where did all zhe color go?  Vhy is zhere no power?  ...Who am I talking to?" - Start of Game (Ascension)
"Don't be afraid of deash...  Be afraid...  Of zhe docktor!" - Kill Zombies
"HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ZE DOCTOR!" - Kill a Zombie after it has hit you
"Ze Doctor sez...  DIE!" - Kill a number of zombies quickly
"Tick-tock, tick-tock...  Zis takes so LONG!" - Pack-A-Punch a weapon
"What is it, Dempshey?  Marrow-sucking Maggot-Whores?" - Kill a number of Zombies (Rare)
"NINE, NOT ZE PUPPIES!" - Beginning of HellHound Round
"Now you are so shmall, you could fit in a gumball machine...  And I could buy a piece of you for a quarter...  WHO HAS A QUARTER!?  Dempshey?" - Kill zombies with a shotgun
"Oh, my poor little accidents...  STAY AVAY!" - Beginning of HellHound Round
"ACK!  I don't like it ven zey lick me!" - Kill a HellHound that has hit you
"Hm, zere is no power, how suspicious...  OR OBVIOUS!" - Start of game
"Power, power, power...  It's always the first priority..." - Start of game
"I cannot torture my minions visout power...  Dempshey, you go turn it on..." - Start of game
"For ze revival of ze UNFITTEST!" - Buy a Quick Revive
"Yesh!  She sounds like a shveet little specimen...!" - Buy a Jugger-Nog
"I can't be sure, but I think the active ingrediant rots your mind..." - Buy a Speed Cola
"Ah, Double-Tap, Double-Tap, Double-Tap, Double-Tap, Double-Tap, Double-Tap Root Beer, Root Beer..." - Buy a Double-Tap Root Beer
"I LOVE ZIS ROOT BEER!" - Buy a Double-Tap Root Beer (rare)
"Oh, zey puppies!  I love ze-!  Oh...!  Zey so ugly..." - HellHound Round (rare)
"OH!  It just vent SPLAT!" - Kill a Nova Crawler
"STAY BELOW ME, UNDERVERST!" - Kill a legless Zombie
"Get off my leg, minion!" - Kill a legless zombie
"ZOOOMBIES, it's time for your DISEMBOWLEMENT!" - Get the Bowie Knife
"Zis is just so heavy..." - Buy the M14/Sniper Rifles
"I CAN HIT MORE ZAN VON AT A TIME!" - Get the Bolt-Action Rifle
"Don't you know unt shotgun is just SO MUCH FUN!" - Buy a shotgun
"Einy, miny, miney...  SHOTGUN!!!!" - Buy A Shotgun (Ascension)
"Einy, miny, miney, moe, I vill shoot you in zhe toe...  UNT DA FACE!!" - Killing Zombies
"Okay, let's see...  Van, Two, Sthree, Fou- Oh shit..." - Many Zombies (10 or more in one place)
"Yes my children, gather around, it's shtory time...!" - Many Zombies (10 or more in one place)
"Please, please.  Autographs are 5 deuchmarks..." - Get surrounded
"ZIS MAKES ME ANGRY!" - Buy the CZ-135 Single Gun/The Revolver
"Double za pleasure, double za pain!" - Buy the CZ-135 Dual Wield
"A force of nature at my fingertips!" - Buy the Thundergun
"DO YOU LIKE MY GLOWING GREEN BALLS!?" - Kill a zombie with the Ray Gun
"YES!  YES, EXPLODE!" - Kill a zombie with a grenade
"You remind me of Experiment 13225...  Except you don't make as much noise when I stick things in you..." - Buy Mr. Monkey
"Zat dreadful little girl continues to make my life difficult..." - Get the Teddy Bear
"Vere did you go?" - Get the Teddy Bear
"Box, we talked about zhis..." - Get the Teddy Bear
"HAH!  BOW before ze Almighty Doctor!" - Use the Thundergun/Zeuscannon
"Zey vere all flattened like pancakes!" - Use the Thundergun/Zeuscannon
"RATATATATATATATA! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" - Get an automatic weapon (Galill, Commando, etc.)
"I vill save vials of zeir blood...  For later..." - Get the G-11
"Vhere did you go?  I don't know, do you?" - Headshot a zombie and kill
"Look at vat I have created!" - Shoot/Make a Crawling Zombie
"I need to find some ammunition...!  *cries/whines*" - No Ammo
"I need to find more of my little friends...!" - No Ammo
"How can I be running low on ammo!?" - Low Ammo
"How can ze Doctor be so poor!?" - Try and buy something too high for you
"Alas, ze Doctor ish too poor to buy zis..." - Cannot buy a weapon and try anyway
"LOW ON AMMO!" - Low Ammo
"I bet DEMPSHEY stole all zhe color..." - Start of Game (Ascension)
"I'm not dead!  Not yet..." - Revived by Teammate/Revive (Ascension)
"Vithout bullets, I'll have to resort to...  SHTABBING!" - No Ammo
"Come to Richtofen, my little minions...!" - Get a high-calibur/good weapon
"Mommy said not to hurt animals any more..." - HellHound Round
"Vatch zem all explode so beautifully!" - Use something explosive
"Zey vill submit to ze darkness...  YES...!" - Get a machine gun/automatic rifle
"He cannot fight now, he's been...  Disarmed...  AHAHAHAAHA!" - Shoot off a Zombies  arm
"Tiny little organ parts for everyone!" - Use an explosive weapon/grenade
"Zat must be ze failed experiments Maxis mentioned..." - Turn on the power
"Now I will hear the anguished cries!  HOW WHUNDERBAH!" - Get a Automatic Rifle
"An autopsy is more easily performed with a shotgun..." - Buy a shotgun
"A found a piece of ze meteor!" - Find the first piece of the Meteor
"A found anozher rock...  Maybe zey stole zis from Japan...!" - Find the second piece
"I FOUND ZE LAST PIECE!" - Find the last piece
"I found a delicious tune...!" - Activate the Hidden Song (Find All Pieces)
"YAH!  Zis makes ze BIG HOLES...  I like big holes..." - Get the SPAS-12
"I KILL YOU FOR YOUR INSOLENCE!" - Kill a zombie that hit you
"Dempshey, I hate you...  I hate you so much..." - Play online and use Richofen and Dempsey
"~Double zhe pleasure, double zhe pain, double zhe damage...~" - Buy Dual CZ-135s
"Vat!?  I cannot achieve pleasure vith zis!" - Get the CZ-135 Single Gun
"VAT!?  I am nothing but a peasant!" - Not enough points for a weapon
"Zis looks like a rather deadly tool..." - Buy the Bowie Knife
"I don't know who Jim Bowie was, but I bet he was LONG, SHARP, and SHINEY..." - Buy Bowie Knife
"Look at Dempshey!  He's surrounded!  Ahahaha...  Let's leave them to him..."
"Hello?  Vhere did everyone go!?" - Play with multiple people, then they all leave (Ascension)
"I keep forgetting to update my Facebook Status!!" - Find the Computer in Ascension
"You have all zhis power, and you vant even MOAR!?  ...I like zhe vay you sink..." - Ascension Easter Egg
"Hm...  I prefer Efervison...  Keeps them level..." - Buy a Double-Tap Root Beer
"Oh, an alley...  How quaint..." - Open the door to the alley and walk out (unknown activation)
"Van becomes two, becomes shtree!" - use Patruschka doll
"Vell, zhat my mine stomach turn..." - Hop through Geirsh Device
"A personal Black Hole!?  Genius...!" - Use Geirsh Device
"Zhis future is WHUNDERBAH!" - Use the computer (Ascension)
"Unt fire-breathing shotgun...?  WHUNDERBAH!!!!!!!" - PAP the SPAS-12
"Are zhey trying to communic-?  OH!  Zhey are having sex..." - Multiple monkeys running at you (Ascension)
"Look at zhe tail!  I vant one...!" - Killing Space Monkeys (Ascension)
"Two knifes!  I liek zhat!  Two shticks!  Shtick, Shtick!" - Buy Ballistic Knife (Ascension)
"Nikolai!  You are my best friend!  ...I will experiment on you much later zan ze others..." - Play with Richtofen and Nikolai (rare)
"Takeo, I vant you to run ahead of me..." (Takeo Reply) "You'll get lots of...  Vat's it called?  Ah, yes...  Honor!" - Play with Richtofen and Takeo (rare)
"POP GOES ZAH VESEAL!" - Headshot a Nova Crawler
"Don't be afraid of death...  Be afraid of ze Doctor...!" - Kill a number of zombies
"OH!  Unt veapon of great accuracy...!" - Buy the MP-40
"I bet it hurts SO GOOD if I put my hand in zere..." - Pack-A-Punch a weapon
*whistles* - Pack-A-Punch a weapon
"Aw, don't make fun of Dempshey, Nikolai!  That monkey was practically FAMILY to him!" - Respond to Nikolai's comment on Cymbal Monkey
"Nice shot, Nikolai!" - Killing Zombies with Nikolai
"You know, you should practice on Dempshey...  While you're on a roll..." - Killing Zombies with Nikolai
"How can someone so DRUNK be so ACCURATE!?" - Killing Zombies with Nikokai
"Pack-A-Punch...  Curious..." - Pack-A-Punch a weapon
"I SWALLOW YOUR HEART!!!" - Kill a zombie with a knife/weapon (Knife is more often)
"Perhaps I can save his appendix..." - Kill a Crawling Zombie
"Are you...  Board?  AHAHAHAHAHA!" - Get the Carpenter power up
"My blood with flow vith zheir tears!" - Get the Insta-Kill power up
"FIRE SALE!  How whunderbah!" - Get the Fire Sale power up
"A MINIGUN!?  Zis is just...  Just so...  *starts crying out of happiness*" - Get the Death Machine power up (Power up is EXTREMELY rare)
"A gift from Sam!?  BUT VHY!?" - Get the Max Ammo power up
"Ze flames...  Of ze damned...!" - Get the Nuke power up
"More time to play vith my pretty ones!" - Get the Max Ammo power up
"Zat should keep my patients at bay..." - Get the Carpenter power up
"Sounds like ze handivork of Ze Masons..." - Get the Carpenter power up
"Zey are held outside for a little vhile now..." - Carpenter power up
"Ah, no...  You're not supposed to fall apart like zat..." - Shoot off a limb
"AHA, AHA!  It makes a fun noise, too!" - Get an automatic weapon
"Ya, ya, ze power needs to be turned on..." - Start of game
"I FEEL LIKE DANCING!" - Kill a number of zombies (rare)
"Yes...  Ya, YA...!  DIE!!" - Kill a number of zombies
"NINE!  Attack Dempshey, not ze Doctor!" - HellHound Round, Play with Richtofen and Dempsey
"Ah, his torture vas SO BEAUTIFUL!" - Kill a zombie
"You should go follow DEMPSHEY now!" - Large amount of Zombies (10 or more in one room)
"So many gears...  Such German ingenuity!" - Pack-A-Punch a weapon (rare)
"Step into ze light...!" - Get the Nuke power up
"No, I am not ready for Hell!  I don't even have my good shoes!" - Be defeated
"Help me, zey are displeased!" - Be defeated
"Did ze voices tell you to save me?" - Be revived
"I vill please you now...  ZE VOICES!" - Insta-Kill Power Up
"Ah, danke..." - Be revived
"Zhe drink that makes you go BOOM!" - Buy PHD Flopper
"Zhisdrinkismyfavorite!IcannotexpresshowmuchIenjoyit'sinvigoratingtasteandexeptionalfinish...!" - Buy Speed-Cola
"Vhis zhis, Zhe Docktor can go a VERY long time...  Does that turn you on...?" - Buy Stamin-Up
"~Fountains of Sorrow...!~" - Kill multiple zombies with a grenade
"I'll get you something nice vhen zis is over..." - Be revived
"OH! It's so light and DEADLY!" - Get an SMG
"I feel ze blood in my eyes...!" - Kill a zombie at CLOSE range (rare)
"Take zem back, Samantha!" - Kill a HellHound
"BAD PUPPY!" - Kill a HellHound
"It iz time to RUN!" - Out of ammo (rare)
"I like ze vay ze blood feels on my skin...!" - Kill a number of zombies at close range
"Why don't you shut your ignorant mouth, Dempshey...?  And your hole..." - Killing Zombies with Dempsey in the projector room
"Samantha, didn't ve talk about zhis?" - Get the Teddy Bear
"Look at it!  CRAWLING to it's Masta!!!" - Make a crawler
"Feel ze POWER of Dr. Richtofen!" - Using Thundergun/Zeuscannon
"I hate you, Dempshey...  I hate your eyes..." - Play with Richtofen and Dempsey
"Oh, zey vill be all over ze floor, unt da valls, unt da ceiling!!" - Get an explosive weapon (LAW rocket, China Lake)
"A crossbow vith a explosive round?  Zhey think of EVERYTHING...!" - Buy the Crossbow
"A crossbow?  Interesting..." - Buy the Crossbow
"Dempshey, if you had a braincell for every time you got a headshot, you'd just be shtupid..." - Revive Dempsey with Richtofen
"Get off my leg, Minion!" - Get hit by a crawling zombie
"IT'S TEARING MY SHEENS!  DELICIOUS!" - Get hit by a crawling zombie
"You know, given time, I could start making a generator out of spare parts...  Why is zhere no color?" - Start of game (Ascension)
"Vats zat noise?  OH!  A horde of zombies..." - See around 7 zombies in one instance (Ascension)
"Dempshey, you are now my favorite..." - Killing Zombies with Dempsey
"Can it be?  The DG-3!?  The DG-3 zats just for me!?  AHAHAHAHAHAH!" - Obtain Thundergun (Super Rare)
"So ZIS must be vat Maxis was hiding..." - Obtain Thundergun (Rare)
"FLASHY LIGHTS!!  FLASHY LIGHTS!!!" - Firesale (Rare)
"Oh!  Firesale!  Good, the price of Fire was getting too high..." - Firesale (Ascension)
"See ze powar of Dr. Richtofen!" - Get 3 kills w/ 1 shot
"OH JOY!  I made unt STUMPY!!" - Make a crawling zombie
"IT'S STILL ALIVE!!!" - Use 2 grenades on a zombie and it still lives (Lvl 25 and up)
"I vant to get closer to EMBRACE zheir pain..." - Headshot w/ L-115 Isolator (Rare)
"KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN NEXT TIME!! Ahahahaha-! Oh...  Zhere von't be a next time..." - Headshot w/ L-115 or D-115 (Rare)
"I sink...  I mush vomit...  Ugh..." - Kill Nova Crawler at close range (Super Rare)
Dr. Edward Richtofen Quotes

If you see any I've missed, please tell me, so I may add them. Also, if I've messed any up, tell me... Thank you and remember...

Do as ZE VOICES tell you!

And yes, I do know how and where to find the meteor places.

And thanks to all those who've helped me, and will help me...

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So the bathroom is interesting if you're a German? I'm part German and I like that room. My favorite quote from him is "Oh Fountains of the sorrow!".
1WildAnimalRodriguez Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
heres a couple: "MORE SCORE!"-double points "Yes My children..i am COMING!"-by a shotgun "Vheir screams are so....erotic  ya!"-kill multiple zombies "I am paid for pain!-double points "He can not get up again...aha!"-make a crawler "aha...vat is zhis?"- get a python....i fangirl over Richtofen :D
Xx115xxslayerxX Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
By the ze way it's nein not nine ze a German unlike me would have known that wundafa ja wonderful yes wundawaffe dg2 wonder weapon design grade 2 thought I would drop some German on you folks .
The-Demon-King999 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
Dankeshen, mein fruiend. Sprecken ze duetch, eh? Wunderbar. Welcomen, heir findist du dein grav.
ZeroLuigi74 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oooh, there's a doll inside a doll inside a doll... Sounds perverse... (Receives Matroyshka dolls from Mystery Box)
The-Demon-King999 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013
I already have that one up there. Take a slower look through.
2195Razielim Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
missing Zats what you get for hitting on the doctor
The-Demon-King999 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
Hm... I thought I had that one... Oh well.
ArtisticSaint Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012   General Artist
im srry its not spelled "NINE" its "NEIN" which is german for no im 25% n i love it XD
The-Demon-King999 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Thanks, and I've realized that. But I'm too lazy to change it up. And I'm a good 30%.
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