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The Demon King vs The Leaf VI

As her husband healed in the Konoha medical center, Kakashi was appointed to be her personal escort.  She slept in his room with him watching over her.

Zelda: (Wakes up and stretches) Hmm? (Looks at a sleeping Kakashi)  Even heroes need sleep... (gets up and heads to the bathroom to take a shower)
Kakashi: (gets up) Well, that was a nice nap... (notices Zelda is gone) Oh, shit... (Hears the shower turn on) Oh... good... (gets dressed)
Zelda: (Comes out of the shower dressed in her Shiekah clothes) Ah, your awake, Kakashi?
Kakashi:Yep, never slept once! (Smiles, Kakashi style)
Zelda: You were when I woke up...
Kakashi: Oh...
Zelda: Don't worry, I won't tell on you. (Smiles at him) Shall we go?
Kakashi: Sure... (head out into the streets) Where to?
Zelda: Could I go see my husband?
Kakashi: Sure, follow me... (heads for Konoha Medical Center)

                                                    *In Suna*

Ganondorf: (Grins at Temari) You really want to fight me?
Temari: Yes, do you have a problem with that?
Ganondorf: Nope, lets go to a sparring arena
Temari: Ok, follow me! (Runs off)
Ganondorf: She isn't all that bright... (Floats after her)

                                             *Suna Training Area*

Temari: Ready?
Ganondorf: (Chuckles) Indeed...
Temari: Ok! WIND SCYTHE JUTSU! (Sends a gust of wind at him)
Ganondorf: (Brings up his right hand) Whirlwind... (A gust of wind cancels out hers)
Temari: What!?
Ganondorf: My turn... TORRENT! (Shoots a wide stream of water at her)
Temari: (Dodges it) Kankuro!
Kankuro: (Jumps in) Right!
Ganondorf: Hah, you'll need more than two people!
Kankuro: Thats why I have these! (Summons Black Ant, Salamander, and Crow)
Ganondorf: (Raises an eyebrow)
Kankuro: Take this! (Crow fires ten kunai at Ganondorf)
Ganondorf: (Smirks and dissapates into Twilight Bits)
Kankuro: Ok, now where is he? (Ganondorf rematerializes behind him and decks him)
Temari: Kankuro! Urk! (Ganondorf grabs her by the throat)
Ganondorf: Be more worried about yourself... (Drops her on her butt)
Temari: Oof...
Ganondorf: You were never a match for me, but I admire your courage to try...
Temari: (Sighs) Thanks I guess
Ganondorf: (Gives her his most pleasant smile and disappears again)
Kankuro: I really hate that...
Temari: Are you ok?
Kankuro: Yeah, he just sent me a long ways, didn't hurt me...  just my pride...

                                          *Konoha Medical Center*

Link: (Sigh) Du bist kayza pal neyt jem val... *I wonder how long I'm gonna be here* (He isn't strapped down anymore)

                                              *A few floors down*

Zelda: So he is here?
Kakashi: Yep...
Naruto: Kakashi-sensei! (Sakura and he are running to them)
Kakashi: Hmm?  Hey, whats wrong?
Sakura: Did you forget or something?
Kakashi: Forget what?
Sakura: Kakashi-sensei...
Naruto: Even I remembered!  We have a mission to do!
Kakashi: Oh, right...
Zelda: May I come? Link is most likely asleep right now...
Kakashi: Sure, if Tsunade lets you, come on!
I decided to do another, it took me quite a while to put a new one up...

Naruto (C) Kishimoto
LOZ (C) Nintendo

Part V - [link]
Part VII -
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